We at Fairsys provide AMC. The details of AMC are as follows.

Please answer the following questions. If any of the questions answer is yes then please contact us at service@fairsysinfotech.com

  1. Do you have more than 5 computers in your company?
  2. Whether there is always delay in work due to computer problems?
  3. Whether you need to wait for more than a minute to start or shut down any computer?
  4. Does your computer is taking long time to open any of the file?
  5. Whether the Printer is showing error?

If there are any of such problems and which are recurring almost twice or thrice in a week or even everyday in a week, then you need our services.

We provided following things in AMC.

  1. Unlimited Service Calls
  2. Quarterly Cleaning of system and CPU cleaning
  3. Standby facility


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